Chords for Chordoma Videos

Here are some videos from our event on November 9, 2017 at the Lyric Theatre of the Toronto Centre for the Arts:

Chords for Chordoma

Jazz at the Lyric | A Pan American Jazz Event

The band is comprised of Memo Acevedo (percussion), Pat LaBarbera (sax), Chico Pinheiro (guitar), Dave Restivo (piano), Reg Schwager (guitar), Howie Silverman (drums), Kevin Turcotte (trumpet), and Dave Young (bass).

Guest artists on some songs include André Mehmari (piano), Chico Pinheiro (guitar), Jackie Richardson (vocals) and Liz Rosa (vocals)



Altercation - Solos: Dave Restivo, Pat LaBarbera, Dave Young, Howie Silverman
Maine Island Strut - Solos: Reg Schwager, Kevin Turcotte
Jobim Medley - Featuring Chico Pinheiro
De Cabo a Rabo - Featuring Liz Rosa - Solo: Pat LaBarbera
Come Back to Me - Featuring Jackie Richardson - Solos: Kevin Turcotte, Dave Restivo
Ernesto Nazareth Medley - Featuring André Mehmari
Precious Wonderland - Solos: Kevin Turcotte, Pat LaBarebra, Reg Schwager
Building Bridges - Solos: Pat LaBarebra, Kevin Turcotte, Memo Acevedo
Beijo Partido - Featuring André Mehmari, Chico Pinheiro
Another Time Perhaps - Solos: Howie Silverman, Reg Schwager
That Old Black Magic - Featuring Jackie Richardson - Solos: Pat LaBarbera, Dave Restivo
Fragile - Featuring Jackie Richardson, Liz Rosa - Solos: Pat LaBarbera, Dave Restivo
Coisa Feita - Featuring Liz Rosa - Solos: Reg Schwager, Dave Restivo
Choro da Continua Amizade - Featuring André Mehmari, Pat LaBarbera
Recharge - Solos: Pat LaBarbera, Kevin Turcotte, Reg Schwager, Howie Silverman, Memo Acevedo